Who we are: Cellis A.G. is a start-up company headquartered in Switzerland and with an R&D site in Poland.

Aim: The company is advancing its first-in-class cutting edge platform technology for cell-based (allogeneic or autologous) therapeutic solutions for the treatment of solid tumors.

Core Technology: Generation of Macrophage-Drug Conjugates (MDCs) and utilization of a novel mechanism dubbed TRAIN (TRAnsfer of Iron-binding proteiN) – a trojan-horse approach utilizing two physiological processes, chemokine driven migration of macrophages towards tumor environments combined with the regular uptake of ferritin into tumor cells.

Approach: TRAIN provides for a novel targeting concept in the treatment of various cancers and potentially other inflammatory diseases through administration of either autologous or allogeneic macrophages loaded with drug-loaded ferritin complexes.