Dr. Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown is Research Director of BerGenBio, Bergen, Norway & Oxford, UK and honorary lecturer at Keele University School of Pharmacy.. In 1993 he obtianed PhD at Labolatory of Molecular Biophysics, Oxford University, UK. He completed with distinction his executive MBA at Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Dr Anthony Brown has extensive experience (25 years) in both small molecule and biological drug discovery with a focus in Oncology, R&D, technology transfer and commercialisation and buisness development. Dr Brown was Scientific Director in CellCentric, Cambridge,UK, Assosiate Director of Buisness Management, CRT, London, UK, Director of Biology, Piramed Pharma, Slough, UK, Director of Discovery Sciences, Surface Therapeutics, Abingdon, UK, Senior Group Leades, OSI Pharateceuticals, Oxford, UK and Group Leader/Consultant Scientist, British Biotech Ltd., Oxford, UK.  From 2008 he is founder and owner of Drug Discovery Ltd. and from 2011 Independent consultant to UK Biotechs