Dr. Luca Cassetta


Dr. Luca Cassetta obtained his PhD at the University of Milan in the field of HIV immunology. In 2011 he joined Jeffrey Pollard`s lab moving to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY working in the field of tumor immunology with a special focus on human tumor associated macrophages in breast cancer.. In 2013 Dr Cassetta moved together with Jeff Pollard to UK, where he still works at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Cassetta is interested in the role of WNT signalling pathway in breast cancer metastasis.. Dr. Cassetta is a Group Leader together with Prof. Gose Adema at the COST Action focusing at Myeloid Regulatory Cells. He is also a president of Airinforma, the project by International Association of Italian Researchers that has recently started a novel scientific dissemination initiative to the general public. Scientists involved in this project use their scientific expertise to gather and publish scientific news and concepts, explained using simple yet accurate language.