Prof. Richard Clarckson


Richard Clarkson is Senior Lecturer of cancer research at Cardiff University School of Biosciences and is a Principal Investigator in the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute.  He is also co-founder of the UK based Biopharmaceutical company, Tiziana Life Science Plc. Dr Clarkson received his PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manchester . His research group focuses on applying this knowledge to identify novel therapeutic strategies to eliminate or modify the tumour stem cells responsible for the spread of metastatic tumours around the body. This has culminated in the identification of two novel pharmacological agents that are currently undergoing pre-clinical development. These agents were licenced to Tiziana Life Sciences Plc, an AIM listed company co-founded by Dr Clarkson and colleagues, which has a portfolio of clinical and pre-clinical therapeutics focusing on cancer and immune modulation