Prof. Magdalena Król, PhD

Co-founder of Cellis. Head of Department of Cancer Biology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland).

Previously she worked at: Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), Medical University of Warsaw (Poland), Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL), Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (USA).

Dr. Tomasz Rygiel, PhD

Co-founder of Cellis. Group Leader in Department of Immunology at Medical University of Warsaw (Poland).

Previously he worked at University Medical Center Utrecht (NL), Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL).

Prof. Alberto Boffi, PhD

Co-founder of Cellis. Director of Department of Biochemistry at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Previously he worked at: National Research Council (Italy), Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (USA), Universite Aix-Marseille II (France).

Scientific Advisory Board

Anthony Brown, PhD

VP Business Development & Scientific Liaison at Carrick Therapeutics (Oxford, UK). He was Research Director of BerGenBio (Norway & UK), Scientific Director in CellCentric (UK), Assosiate Director of Buisness Management, CRT (UK), Director of Biology, Piramed Pharma (UK), Director of Discovery Sciences, Surface Therapeutics, Abingdon (UK) and Group Leader/ Consultant Scientist, British Biotech Ltd., Oxford, UK. and honorary lecturer at Keele University School of Pharmacy.

Peter Olagunju, MBA

Vice President, Global Patient Operations at bluebird bio Inc. (USA). Prior to Bluebird Bio Inc., Peter most recently served as Senior Director, Global Technical Operations at Valeant Pharmaceuticals (through the acquisition of Dendreon Corp.).  Prior to Dendreon Corp., Peter Olagunju had leadership positions within the quality function at a monoclonal antibody organization (ZymoGenetics) that was acquired by BMS in 2011.

Dave Simpson PhD

CEO at Iksuda Therapeutics (UK). Prior to this co-founder and CEO of Glythera Limited. Through his commercial and technical background, Dr Dave Simpson continues to support a number of UK Universities, biotech companies, US corporations and investors in developing their technical, product and commercialization strategies.

Prof. James Lorens, PhD

Professor at the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Bergen. Co-founder & Senior Scientific Advisor at BerGenBio (Norway). On completing his postdoctoral research studies at Stanford University he joined Rigel Inc., a San Francisco based biotechnology company, as a founding scientist and research director. Prof Lorens has managed several large scientific collaborations in cancer research and development with major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Dr. Richard Clarkson, PhD

Principal Investigator in the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute.  He is also co-founder of the UK based biopharmaceutical company, Tiziana Life Science Plc.

Prof. Jo van Ginderachter, PhD

Group Leader at VIB Lab of Myeloid Cell Immunity since October 2012. Over the years, his cellular immunology group has developed several experimental model systems that allow a detailed study of the mechanisms governing immune modulation in both normal and pathological conditions. His strategic vision is to use the heterogeneity of MCs (mainly monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells) as an in vivo sensor to track inflammatory responses and as a target for therapeutic intervention. He also exploits the strategic advantage of nanobodies as tools for in vivo imaging and therapeutic targeting of MCs.

Prof. Michele de Palma, PhD

Group Leader at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, at the EPFL School of Life Sciences. Prior to this he was group leader at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan. He received two ERC grants, in 2009 and 2016, and was awarded the Robert Wenner Prize for Cancer Research in 2017. He serves on the editorial/advisory boards of Science Translational Medicine (AAAS), Cell Reports (Cell press), BBA-Reviews on Cancer, Cancer Immunology Research (AACR), and Carcinogenesis.

Prof. Gosse Adema, PhD

Chair in Molecular Immunology, Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology laboratory, Department of Radiation Oncology, Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS), Radboud University Medical Centre (Radboud UMC). He has written > 10 patents and supervised >20 Ph.D. students. Since 2008 he is a member of the board of the Scientific Council of the Dutch Cancer Society. Furthermore, he is a member of the FWO (2009) expert panel for Microbiology and Immunology and of the French Cancer Institute (2009).

Prof. Ali O. Gure, PhD

Professor at Bilkent University, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Ankara, Turkey. Obtained his PhD in immunology from Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, USA, in 1995. Worked as Visiting Assistant Professor of Immunology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University (2006-2012), as an Assistant Member at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research – NYC branch (2000-2006) and as Research Associate at Memorial Slotan Kettering Cancer Center (2000-2006) after completing a post-doctoral fellowship with Lloyd J. Old at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City (1995-2000). He is a co-inventor of more than 25 international patents related to tumor antigens/biomarkers.