Prof. Magdalena Król, PhD

Prof. Magdalena Król, PhD

Co-founder of Cellis. Head of Department of Cancer Biology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland). Previously she worked at: Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), Medical University of Warsaw (Poland), Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL), Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (USA). She has received two ERC grants. She is the first Polish Woman that has been qualified to the short-listed final of the EU Prize for Woman Innovator Prize (2020). 

Dr. Tomasz Rygiel, PhD

Dr. Tomasz Rygiel, PhD

Co-founder of Cellis. Group Leader in Department of Immunology at Medical University of Warsaw (Poland).  Previously he worked at University Medical Center Utrecht (NL), Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL).

Dr. Sadik Kassim, PhD

Sadik Kassim, PhD

Chief Technology Officer at VOR Biopharma (Boston, USA). He was Executive Director, Proces Design at Kite Pharma and  Chief Scientific Officer at Mustang Bio. Before working for Mustang Bio, he headed a group in Cell and Gene Therapies Unit at Novartis. Dr. Kassim is Pre-clinical Development Advisor at Cellis.

Dr. Konrad Garbusiewicz, PhD

Konrad Gabrusiewicz, PhD

Senior Scientist at Ziopharm Oncology (Houston, USA). Previously he worked as Senior Scientists at Carisma Therapeutics Inc. and Scientist at Bellicum. Dr. Gabrusiewicz is Cell Development Advisor at Cellis.

Dr. Tobias Weiss, PhD

Tobias Weiss, PhD

Senior Physician and Researcher at University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland). He works at Neuroscience Center Zurich in a team of Prof. Michael Weller where Cellis runs GBM project. Dr. Tobias Weiss is our Partner and GBM Advisor at Cellis. 

Dr. Anthony Brown, PhD

Anthony Brown, PhD

VP Business Development & Scientific Liaison at Carrick Therapeutics (Oxford, UK). He was Research Director of BerGenBio (Norway & UK), Scientific Director in CellCentric (UK), Assosiate Director of Buisness Management, CRT (UK), Director of Biology, Piramed Pharma (UK), Director of Discovery Sciences, Surface Therapeutics, Abingdon (UK) and Group Leader/ Consultant Scientist, British Biotech Ltd., Oxford, UK. Dr. Brown is Product Development Advisor at Cellis.