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Progress Report in the MACOV Project: Coming Soon!

The MACOV project is making significant strides in developing an innovative macrophage-based therapy for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. This groundbreaking treatment shows high efficacy in multiple solid tumors with unmet medical needs.

Ovarian cancer poses a significant global health burden, affecting approximately 300,000 women each year, with a staggering 180,000 estimated deaths worldwide annually. Sadly, ovarian cancer often metastasizes at an early stage, making it challenging to treat effectively. More than 60% of women are diagnosed with stage III or IV cancer, indicating the cancer has already spread beyond the ovaries.

Current treatment options for ovarian cancer typically involve surgery combined with frontline platinum-based chemotherapy. However, a considerable number of patients experience relapse, and secondary treatment options, such as PARP inhibitors or VEGF inhibitors, come into play. Unfortunately, between 15% to 30% of patients have primary platinum-resistant or refractory disease, making the situation even more challenging. The recurrence rates remain high, even in stage I or II patients, with 20-25% experiencing relapse.

It is our firm belief that the MACOV project has the potential to redefine the treatment landscape for ovarian cancer, providing new options and renewed hope for patients and their families. We encourage everyone to stay tuned for our upcoming updates and visit our website at to learn more about this groundbreaking project.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates on our progress at Together, let’s transform the future of ovarian cancer treatment. #MACOV #OvarianCancerAwareness