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Dr. Tomasz Rygiel Unveils MDC-735 Therapy’s Potential at the 5th Macrophage-Directed Therapies Summit

Exciting News! 🌟 Dr. Tomasz Rygiel, Board Member at Cellis, is honored to be part of the upcoming 5th Macrophage-Directed Therapies Summit taking place on November 13-15, 2023, in Boston, MA, USA.

As a distinguished speaker, Dr. Rygiel will be sharing groundbreaking insights during his lecture titled “Breakthrough Macrophage Based Immunotherapy for Treatment of Solid Tumors” on Day One at 2:30 pm.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from him and other experts in the field as they explore the future of macrophage therapies and their potential in oncology and inflammation. See you there! 👥 #MacrophageTherapies #Immunotherapy #MedicalInnovation #ConferenceSpeaker