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Małgorzata Kubiak’s Doctoral Triumph: A Journey of Excellence and Dedication

🌟🎓 What a Day to Celebrate! 🎓🌟

We are absolutely thrilled to share some wonderful news from our Cellis family. Today, our colleague Małgorzata Kubiak successfully defended her doctoral thesis! 🎉📚

Małgorzata’s journey has been one of dedication, perseverance, and sheer brilliance. Her unwavering commitment to research, together with the invaluable guidance of her thesis supervisors, prof. dr hab. Magdalena Król and dr Paulina Kucharzewska-Siembieda, have played a pivotal role in her success. 🤩👏🤩

Throughout her time with us at Cellis, Małgorzata has continually inspired us all with her intellect and unyielding passion for her field. Her remarkable thesis is not only a testament to her hard work but also a valuable contribution to the world of science. 🌍🔬

Today, we not only celebrate her academic success but also the embodiment of the Cellis spirit – the pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and the drive to make a positive impact on the world. 🌟

As Małgorzata takes this significant step forward in her career, we are excited to witness her continued growth and the incredible contributions she will undoubtedly make to her field and to our organization. 🌠

Join us in congratulating Małgorzata on this monumental achievement. 🎉👏 We couldn’t be prouder, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this brilliant researcher and our incredible Cellis family. 🚀🌻 #CellisSuccess #DoctoralThesisDefended #ProudMoment