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Celebrating Excellence in Research: Dr. Małgorzata Kubiak Receives PRELUDIUM 22 Grant from The National Science Center

We are delighted to announce that our colleague, Dr. Małgorzata Kubiak, Research Associate Scientist at Cellis and Lecturer in the Institute of Biology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, has been awarded the prestigious PRELUDIUM 22 grant by The National Science Center. Her groundbreaking research project titled “Investigation of the effect of hypoxia on the metabolism of exogenous ferritin and its role in the regulation of free iron in macrophages and cancer cells” secured funding amounting to PLN 70,000.

This commendable achievement marks a significant milestone in Dr. Kubiak’s career, enabling her to delve into crucial research focusing on understanding the intricate mechanisms of hypoxia’s impact on cellular metabolism, particularly in macrophages and cancer cells.

The OPUS 25 and PRELUDIUM 22 competitions, spearheaded by NCN, are instrumental in fostering basic research endeavors within the scientific community. These grants empower researchers at different stages of their careers, facilitating the exploration of diverse scientific realms.

This year, a total of 407 projects were selected for funding under these competitions, amounting to an impressive PLN 338 million. Notably, with a frozen budget, the success rate stood at 8.06% for OPUS and 10.73% for PRELUDIUM, reflecting the exceptional caliber and rigor of the selected projects.

Congratulations to Dr. Małgorzata Kubiak and the six other scientists from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences who have been recognized for their exemplary contributions to fundamental research. Their dedication and expertise exemplify the spirit of scientific inquiry driving innovation and progress in our community.

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